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Cheap Trick live at Melrose review

Cheap Trick Iridium NYC

Anticipation and excitement is the energy of Melrose Ballroom, transformed into a power pop/hard rock house for the night.  The venue has paired off with Front and Center to present the act of the night: Cheap Trick.  Highly regarded as a pivotal band of their time, Cheap Trick is an American rock and roll icon with numerous hit songs. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, the best band you’ve ever f*cking heard; Cheap Trick!” a cool female voice announces and the audience erupts into cheers and whistles.  The band walks out onto the stage to an even greater round of hooting and hollering, and they set right to it.  The music is electric and like a storm of American hard rock pulsating through the Melrose Ballroom.  The audience, even those seated, are unable to resist the sheer power behind the music and get up to dance. That is the standard set for the rest of the night.

Cheap Trick is a longstanding testament to everything right with America’s rock and roll history, and it makes complete sense that they have been inducted this year into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it is long overdue. As a legacy for the last forty years the band name has remained untouched and they have lost not one ounce of the edge they began with. 

Their music is as rebellious and lively as ever, as the band strikes down note after note and screaming vocal and vocal in tandem.  They are the voice of a generation, but also enduring the test of time, as their fan base ranges from teenaged to middle aged. They sift through songs, including some of their greatest hits; “Dream Police”, “Surrender”, “I Want You to Want Me” to name just a few.

 Cheap Trick’s appeal is in their loud and unique voice, one (as mentioned prior) that speaks to the generations that precede them. That in itself is the mark of a great band and even greater musicianship, and it is rare to come by.

The audience is at home with the band and the venue, and neither lose any of their enthusiasm as the night continues onward.  Cheap Trick knows how to make their fans feel at home, there is no barrier between them.  There is not once instance where the attention is not directed to the stage, the audience is lost to the power of Cheap Trick, and that’s exactly where they want to stay.  

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