Doug Aldrich and The Les Paul Trio with special guest Keith St. John for a tribute to Ronnie Montrose

Doug Aldrich and The Les Paul Trio with special guest Keith St. John for a tribute to Ronnie Montrose

Doug Aldrich and The Les Paul Trio with special guest Keith St. John for a tribute to Ronnie Montrose

04/30 8:00 PM & 10PM - $35.00

Doug Aldrich  and The Les Paul Trio

with special guest Keith St. John for a tribute to Ronnie Montrose

Guitarist Doug Aldrich is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary talent. This gifted instrumentalist has spent the better part of his life as a dedicated partner to the six string, be it named Les Paul, Jackson, or Fender. A hit maker worldwide, LA- based Doug realized his love for music and the guitar at the age of eleven when he first heard Jeff Beck. “I picked up my sister’s classical guitar and slowly began teaching myself how to play.” A year later Doug bought an electric guitar, a Sears copy of the Les Paul guitar fancied by another early idol Jimmy Page. “When I was a little kid, I started my first band called Purple Haze with a few neighborhood friends. Our first songs were by the Allman Bros and Smoke on the Water was first song that we learned” Although he initially sought out the role of bass player, his band mates pushed him toward guitar — Doug’s ultimate fate was fully formed. On the weekends the band would jam and learn the tunes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, UFO, Van Halen, Rush and Deep Purple. Although he enjoyed playing the tunes of these artists, Doug’s diverse influences came from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Later Doug learned the styles of newer players like Michael Schenker, Randy Rhoads and Gary Moore.

In the summer of ’81, Eastern US-bred Doug relocated to Los Angeles. Out on his own in Los Angeles was exciting and he would finally hit the clubs playing original music for the first time in his life. This exposer caught the eye of Kiss drummer Eric Carr who was spying Doug to audition for the lead guitar slot in KISS left open by Ace Frehley. While Doug admits he was clearly too young and immature for the gig at that time, the experience led to a relationship with Gene Simmons that continues today. The experience was a turning point for Doug as it helped him realize his talent as a guitarist. “That woke me up and I really started to get serious with my playing and writing.”

In 1985 Doug joined a new band LION featuring British singer Kal Swan. The band recorded two albums for Scotti Bros/Epic and had a top 20 video on MTV’s Head Bangers Ball in 1987. During this period Doug started to receive requests to record and tour with many artists including short stints with Hurricane and House of Lords. Doug scorched on House of Lords 1991 “Sahara” record. Especially on his rendition of Blind Faiths “Can’t Find My Way Home”. 

In The ’90’s, Doug and Kal Swan’s creative energies joined once again to form the band, Bad Moon Rising.  BMR took off in Asia and Europe, recording 3 albums and toured Europe and Japanese on each record. In 1993- 95 Doug had an opportunity to exhibit his extraordinary guitar talents on solo albums “Highcentered” and “Electrovision”. 

These records were mostly instrumental compositions. “I worked with Andy Johns on those records and it was a time for experimentation in order for me to grow.”  With an ear toward distancing himself from the clinical perfection of generic guitar wizardry, Doug coerced unique sounds to showcase his key quest as a musician: to test the limits of his instrument, and elicit sounds and tones from the guitar that would break standard musical barriers. “I wanted to try and find some sounds that were different and out there…..hopefully sounds that hadn’t been done yet.”  “One of the things that I learned was that sometimes, the mistakes that you play can be the most special moments of a song or recording”

In 2001 Doug was chosen by the Late Ronnie James Dio to record the Killing The Dragon Album. The album was a huge comeback to the early styles of Dio. The band toured extensively throughout 2002 and recorded a live DVD Evil Or Divine on Friday Dec 13 in NYC. Although Doug was away most of the year on tour, this was just a warm up for things to come.

That same year, Doug was asked to join a reformed Whitesnake by David Coverdale for a 2 month tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band. David as Ronnie had, recognized Doug to be a fiery guitarist on the rise and asked Doug to remain in Whitesnake for the future. With Whitesnake, Doug found a great home. Multiple world tours led to Doug and David starting to compose together. “It is the ultimate creative collaboration for me to work with David” The duo has co-written over 30 songs and co-produced several of the bands releases including Whitesnake’s award winning Good To Be Bad and Forevermore Albums.

A veritable virtuoso on the six-string, Doug’s passion for music, and particularly his chosen instrument, is palpably profound. Doug is an addicted collector of vintage instruments and amps. Several of his guitars include his heroes name initials scratched into the paint. “Jeff Beck did this with Tina Turner, so I decided to ask Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi to do it for me”

Doug’s personal record collection includes everything from Robert Johnson to Radiohead. “I still love blues and classic rock music the most. I’m not really interested in following whatever is trendy. Im just gonna stick to what I do best, do it to the best of my ability and play from the heart” 


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