Les Paul Monday's featuring Robben Ford with The Les Paul Trio

Les Paul Monday's featuring Robben Ford with The Les Paul Trio

Les Paul Monday's featuring Robben Ford with The Les Paul Trio

11/26 8:00 PM & 10PM - $40.00

Les Paul Monday’s featuring Robben Ford

with The Les Paul Trio

Robben Ford

When his contract expired at Stretch/Blue Thumb, Robben signed with  Concord Records, the largest independently-owned record company at the time. In 2002, he released “Blue Moon” and in 2003 “Keep on Runnin,” a recording full of the 60’s blues/R&B feeling with which he grew up. His third release for Concord was entitled “Truth.” “I feel this is the best work I have done in terms of a solo recording. It is my most realized work as a songwriter, and I feel like I am reaching higher ground as a guitarist. “Truth” represents the blues as they are today; some of the songs are sociopolitical in essence, but not without humor, and the musical setting 

is fresh.”  In 2007 Robben toured with the legendary guitarist, Larry Carlton, resulting in “Live in Tokyo” and an “unplugged” DVD, “The Paris Concert  2008.” 

Robben’s fourth release for Concord, Soul on Ten” is a “live” recording performed in San Francisco (2009). “People had been requesting a live recording for years and I had the right band, music, and venue to pull it off.” The CD also includes two studio tracks which feature Larry Goldings on B3 organ and John Button on bass. 

In 2010,  Robben and a group of musical friends who have played in different combinations and contexts over the years decided to focus on a project together recording for Mike Varney’s Shrapnel label. The result was the formation of “Renegade Creation” with a self-named album. This is a rock band, Robben’s first, and the results have people talking: “Dare I say everyone who hears it, loves it!” says Robben. The other members are guitarist Mike Landau, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Gary Novak. 

After much critical acclaim for “Renegade Creation” RC returned to the studio and produced “Bullet” which was released in June, 2012. In the past year Robben has also played internationally with the Miles Davis tribute band, “Mile Smiles,” featuring past Miles’ alums, Omar Hakim, Darryl Jones, Wallace Roney and Joey DeFrancesca, as well as touring with Bill Evans and Randy Brecker’s group, Soulbop. 

Robben also collaborates with his wife Anne on various musical projects including her CD “Weill” which Robben produced on their own Illyria label. 

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