Jungle Funk with Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish and Vinx

Jungle Funk with Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish and Vinx

Jungle Funk with Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish and Vinx

12/13 8:00 PM & 10PM - $25.00

Jungle Funk featuring

Will Calhoun – drums, percussion, loops

Doug Wimbish – bass, vocals, loops

Vinx – vocals, percussion, loops & samples


Will Calhoun
Will Calhoun, the widely acclaimed drummer from the Bronx, New York, graduated from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he received a Bachelors degree in Music Production and engineering. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Buddy Rich Jazz Masters Award for outstanding performance by a drummer.

Special Kudos for Will’s drumming virtuosity include:

  • Best New Drummer by Modern Drummer Magazine’s Readers Poll
  • Number One Progressive Drummer by Modern Drummer Magazine’s Readers Poll three times
  • Best Drummer by Rolling Stone Magazine’s Critics Poll

Will Calhoun’s unique blend of improvisational and hard rock drumming can be found on each of Living Colour’s four Epic releases: the ground breaking multi-platinum debut, Vivid, the critically acclaimed sophomore LP, Time’s Up, the Biscuits EP, and Stain, as well as their latest release on Sanctuary Records, CollideØscope. A prolific song writer, Will has co-written many Living Colour compositions and wrote the critically acclaimed song, Pride, on the Time’s Up album and Nothingness on the Stain album. As a member of Living Colour, Will received a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance by a group and another Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Living Colour also won an International Rock Award for Best Rock Band.

In addition to his work with Living Colour, Will has recorded and/or toured with diverse artists including B.B. King, Mick Jagger, Jaco Pastorious, Harry Belafonte, Pharoah Sanders, Jack Dejohnette, Paul Simon, Lou Reed, The Allman Brothers, Lauryn Hill, Marcus Miller, Dr.John, Carly Simon, Herb Alpert, Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, Wayne Shorter (on the Grammy-winning CD “High Life”), Lauryn Hill, and recorded with rappers Run-DMC and Public Enemy. As a producer, player, and songwriter, Will has worked on Herb Alpert’s Grammy-nominated CD, Colors.

During Will’s down time he has managed to record two solo projects Housework and Drum Wave. These discs provide an alternate canvas for his acoustic drumset artistry as well as his push for electronic tonal expressions.

Will, Doug Wimbish, and Vinx joined forces to form the groundbreaking Ambient World Music band JUNGLE FUNK. Their live CD Jungle Funk is available on Zebra Records in the States. The group combines mastery of technology with musicianship. This rare and cutting edge disc was given the Album of the Year mention in Australia.



“I’m not just a bass player, I’m a soundsystem”. As bassist for the legendary rap label Sugar Hill backing Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to the pioneering Living Colour, Doug Wimbish has lent his innovative and creative bass grooves and sounds to a roster of world – renowned musicians. Considered a pioneer in hip hop bass playing and in the use of bass effects, alternate tunings and extended hand techniques, Doug’s mastery of the bass is unparalleled. For more than 30 years, bass virtuoso Doug Wimbish has been one of the most sought-after electric bassists collaborating with many of the world’s best known, and most talented musical artists. Having participated in the making of so many popular recordings, in every musical style, all around the world, it’s hard to find a culture or community that hasn’t been exposed to Doug’s music. Doug Wimbish is probably best known as the innovative lead bassist in the Grammy Award-winning hard rock band Living Colour, but looking beyond the obvious, one quickly sees that Doug’s influence and impact on the world’s musical culture is much more vast and significant than often written or realized. To get an idea of the respect Doug has earned within the music industry, consider that one week in 1992, he received personal phone calls from Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and Seal, all asking him to join their bands, yet choosing to stay with his Living Colour bandmates, Vernon Reid, Corey Glover and Will Calhoun. While deciding to stay with Living Colour as a permanent member, Doug did go on to record, produce and tour with dozens of well-known artists, including The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Herb Albert, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Carly Simon, Seal, Al Green, Billy Idol, George Clinton, Kanye West and James Brown. More recently (since 2000), Doug also joined Hip-Hop, Hollywood Movie and Broadway Theater Star Mos Def’s band Black Jack Johnson, and in 2007, played on Finland’s Rock Opera Diva Tarja Turunen’s first solo record, “My Winter Storm,” and has toured with Tarja ever since. 

From his early days as one of Hip-Hop’s earliest architects in The Original Sugar Hill Records Rhythm Section, to his long-time membership in Tack>>Head, Little Axe, Jungle Funk, Head>>Fake, Living Colour and then on to current collaborations with The Help and Distracted By Light, Doug continues to prove himself as one of the world’s finest, versatile and most sought after electric bass guitarists. Doug’s highly regarded career spanning all musical genres has also included works with The Rolling Stones vocalist Bernard Fowler, Mark Stewart, Talib Kweli, Depeche Mode, Ron Wood, Will Downing, Melba Moore, Freddie Jackson, Michael Bolton, Afrika Bambaataa, Peter Wolf, Clarence Clemons, Candi Staton, and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Most recently, audiences have been amazed by Doug’s bass playing and ambient grooves as part of The Experience Hendrix Tours (with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billy Cox of the Band of Gypsy’s and the Jimi Hendrix Experience), Tarja’s What Lies Beneath Tour, and with Ms Lauryn Hill, including a special performance with Ms Hill as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honored Aretha Franklin as part of the 16th annual American Music Masters Series. 

Doug also maintains a brilliant solo career and in his NovaSound Studio, is currently writing material for his yet unnamed but widely anticipated third solo project. In 2008, After decades collaborating with so many of the world’s finest musicians, Doug Wimbish made his most personal musical statement with the release of CinemaSonics, his second solo record, the first with vocals. Set with all the instrumental virtuosity and hypnotic mood of his millennium-opening Trippy Notes for Bass, CinemaSonics takes one on an exciting journey of sound, from James Bond-style orchestrations, and comfortably numb interludes, to the most mysterious, unexplored musical frontiers. 

Synonymous with Doug Wimbish, Doug’s personal venture, WimBash, continues to be both a vision and a mission. WimBash, as a community and family based, musical and educational festival has redefined how we look at pro-active involvement in making change. The event has established its name by leveraging the passion and talents of professional musicians by connecting them with groundbreaking programs in music, culture and quality education. WimBash features Doug playing with a number of world-class collaborators, as well as select local bands, providing the opportunity to see musicians, who more often play large venues around the world, in a much more intimate setting. WimBash is unique in that it brings together an eclectic group of music genres under one roof, utilizing the local talent alongside well-known artists while working together with a local foundation or organization in giving back directly to the community. 

WimBash, founded by the legendary Grammy award winning rock band Living Colour’s bassist Doug Wimbish, initially started in 2004 as a welcome home/ birthday party held at Sully’s Pub in Hartford, CT for his close friend and fellow Sugar Hill Rhythm Section bandmate Skip McDonald. The name “WimBash”, as it the event became to be known, came one year later. During his many travels abroad, Doug became quite used to misspellings of his last name…often “Wimbush”. At one point, his name wasmisspelled “Wimbash”. Perfect name for a Doug Wimbish hosted party thought Doug…WimBash! Hence, the birth of the “WimBash” name. 

Over the years, WimBash has developed from the initial get together with family, friends and musicians to a highly anticipated event and music festival series, anchoring itself in the communities it visits. WimBash continues to grow in popularity attracting more and more musicians to the WimBash Family. Doug and his production company, NovaSound Studio, have taken the WimBash Music Festival Series on the road to cities in North America, Europe and the Dominican Republic. The impact and community involvement that WimBash fosters resonates with life-long friendships and partnerships established. Highly memorable WimBash events were presented at Industry trade shows such as NAMM and Frankfurt’s Musikmesse. After logging hundreds of thousands of miles, and entering his 39th professional year, Doug’s musical exploration continues to grow at an accelerating pace. Included in MusicRadar.com’s 25 Greatest Bassists of All Time, Doug Wimbish’s musical odyssey and journey moves forward as Doug continues to bring his acclaimed bass style, ambience and energy to fans around the globe.



Who is Vinx? Most people know him as…One man. One voice. One drum. As you will discover, Vinx is much more. Vinx’s music transcends languages and borders. This is evident from his international touring schedule and cult-like popularity. Vinx has taken the wisdom of his mother to heart. She often told him that “You can’t sing of life unless you live.”

So… the journey starts in 1976, when Vinx attended Kansas State University on a track scholarship. In 1977, hate nearly took away Vinx’s athletic career and his life when racists burned down his house, along with the home of another black family living in his Kansas City suburb. Vinx was severely burnt by the fire. He overcame his injuries and three years later made the world’s second longest leap in the triple jump. This qualified Vinx for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. When President Jimmy Carter called for an Olympic boycott that year, Vinx’s athletic goals were put on hold.

A deejay in college, Vinx also performed with the Kansas State Jazz Band. In 1978, Taj Mahal invited Vinx to perform with him at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. When Vinx’s Olympic dream was deferred, he turned his back on track, but after two years returned as an assistant coach for the women’s track team at the University of Texas. In Texas, Vinx rediscovered his Olympic ambitions and began working toward the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. After an injury at the trials took him out of the running for the ’84 Olympics, Vinx stayed in Los Angeles and began working as a fitness trainer for the rich and famous. His clients included Stevie Wonder, George Hamilton and Marisa Tomei.

2010 Vinx moves to the northeast (Vermont and New Hampshire). Forms the European super group GROOVE HEROES and begins touring.  Soul Kitchen travel to Regensburg, Germany.  Vinx’s parent company Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment creates a community-building and rural cultural exchange program at the Rivendell Academy in Orford, New Hampshire. The Dreamsicle team led by Jennifer Lambert and Vinx, directed the students through the process of creating their first (student-run) music festival “ICE JAMZ” which was successful beyond expectations!

2011 the Songwriter Soul Kitchen moves to New Hampshire with events in Keene NH, Belize, Cozumel, Ocho Rios and Lakeside Michigan. In between European tours solo and with Groove Heroes, Vinx produced Keene, NH Indie/Americana band “Girl and Piano” on their new release, the incredible songwriter – Emily Musolino and Poppy, aka Jim Boyd, with a children’s lullaby CD called “soundtrack for dreamers” all to be released in 2012. On the coaching front, Vinx worked with the Concord High School triple jump team. Vinx travelled again to Accra Ghana to work with World Fusion stars Native Vibe. A short tour with “Hiroshima”

2012 this year Vinx  performs his latest project HAND, MOUTH & FEETS! This project features Lee Payne Tap Dancer,   (RiverDance), Shawn Kelly Drummer/Percussionista (les Nubian) and the return of Andrew Daniels “the boy” and some of the greatest hand drummers in the world Look for the release of a Groove Heroes CD, Vinx Live at the Sharon Arts Center,  and the long awaited vol 3 of “50 memoirs of a hip ole black man”  Keep an eye open for the 4th Troubadours Gathering and a premier international DRUM/DANCE Festival in New Hampshire. With Vinx…..  the best is yet to come………

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