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12/21 8:00 PM & 10PM - $35.00


L’Image originally included friends Mike Mainieri, David Spinozza, Warren Bernhardt,
Steve Gadd, and Tony Levin. They were all living in Woodstock at the
time and decided to devote several months to developing the music.

They rehearsed in Mainieri’s barn, which was converted into a studio,
and played at the Joyous Lake (Woodstock), The Red Creek Inn
(Rochester, New York: Gadd’s home), and New York City. At a later
date the quartet added guitarist David Spinozza, who also toured
with the group.

To much dismay of their worshippers, the group was short-lived, but
they did manage to record some of the music on Mike Mainieri’s solo albums, ‘Love Play’ and ‘Wanderlust.’ After and since, the members played with each other in various groups and recordings. Finally,
L’Image reunited in 2009, recorded and released a CD titled “2.0.”

In 2009, they played shows in New York City and Japan.

In 2011, they recorded their second album in Catskill, NY
w/Scott Petito at NRS Studio. It will be released in the near future.