David Murray Big Band featuring Macy Gray

David Murray Big Band featuring Macy Gray

David Murray Big Band featuring Macy Gray

01/11 8:00 PM & 10PM - $45.00


Limited Preferred Seating tickets now available for $60

General Admission tickets on sale for $45

@ North Sea Jazz Festival 2012

David Murray invites Macy Gray, the soul music star (more than 14 million albums sold), to sing in his Big Band. For her, he writes a new repertory that includes famous soul hits from Macy gray, and offers to them new sharp and bright arrangements. He also offers to Macy some brand new original compositions completed with insightful lyrics by Ishmael Reed. The perfect combination of a unique voice and sophisticated jazz arrangements make this project one of the most exciting sound of this New Year. Surprising and wonderful, the project has already conquered audiences from famous festival such as: Jazz A La Villette (Paris), London Jazz Festival (London), North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands).

David Murray / Sax Lead & Direction 

Macy Gray / Vocal 

Nathaniel Cross (Trombone)

Trevor Edwards (Trombone)

Tom White (Trombone)

Tony Kofi (Sax Alto)

Chris Biscoe  (Sax Alto)

Brian Edwards (Sax Tenor)

Richie Garrison (Sax Tenor)

Laurence Wesley Jones (Sax Baritone)

Noel Langley  (Trumpet)

Mario Morejon (Trumpet)

Byron Wallen (Trumpet)

Mingus Murray (Guitar)

Renzell Merritt (Drums)

Jaribu Shahid  (Bass)

Marc Cary (Piano)

Few musicians in jazz history have proven more vigorously productive and resourceful than David Murray. During the past 35 years, from the moment he first visited New York as a 20-year-old student, playing in a walkup loft, in 1975, David has careened forward in a cool, collected, rocket-fueled streak. 

He has released over 150 albums under his own name.  Yet more impressive than the numbers is the constancy of two abiding achievements: as a tenor saxophonist, he has perfected an instantly recognizable approach to improvisation that even in its freest flights acknowledges the gravity of a tradition he honors more than most; and he has altered the context for his improvisations as an infinite mosaic of  musical challenges and explorations.  With this new album (out on Motema – October 2011), we hear the fruit of one of David Murray’s most improbable and effective projects: an interpretation of two albums that Nat King Cole recorded in Spanish in 1958 and 1962, performing melodies from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. 

« One of the most delightful recordings of the year» THE NEW YORKER (USA) 

« On his vibrant new album, the veteran David Murray applies his huge tone and 

personality to an unusual bit of jazz repertory » NEW YORK TIMES (USA) 

« His music is like something out of a “Twilight Zone” episode where all the time periods 

and all the cultures of the world exist in the same space at the same time »  


« There is a stunning feature for David Murray the improviser, a sensational ‘tour de force’ 

and a high spot in his massive discography » by Gary Giddins VILLAGE VOICE (USA)  

« One of the most delightful recordings of the year» THE NEW YORKER (USA) 

« In addittion to being one of the sweetest saxophonist around (…) Murray has proved 

himself an imaginative arranger (…) and sharp interpreter » TIME OUT  

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“These were songs that I would’ve probably written in another life,” says Macy Gray in her trademark rasp. She’s been asked to identify the common denominator linking the wildly varied songs on Covered, her stunning new collection of cover songs. “And,” she continues, “they’re almost all these kind of dark love songs, which is the mood I’m in right now – to sing these I-wanna- slit-my-wrists-but-I-love-you songs. They already said what I want to say, perfectly.” 

To the casual music fan, Macy Gray tackling a covers album might seem wholly out of left field – especially since the material she chose to reinterpret is largely drawn from indie rock tunes made over the last decade or so.  (Exceptions are Eurythmics’ “Here Comes the Rain Again,” from 1984, and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” from 1992.) But Covered is not your typical covers album. It deftly redefines what such an undertaking is and can be, which makes it very much a Macy Gray project. 

A gifted songwriter and dazzlingly singular singer, the mom of three teenagers has been overturning fan expectation and industry formula since kicking off her music career with her debut 1999 CD, On How Life Is. That musical calling card spawned the classic single “I Try,” and both the CD and single were massive global hits. They kicked off a career ride that includes two Grammys, two MTV awards, over 15 million units sold, and a thriving acting career… 

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