Nadia Ackerman and The Harold Pinter Orchestra

Nadia Ackerman and The Harold Pinter Orchestra

02/28 8:00 PM & 10PM - $25.00

Nadia Ackerman and The Harold Pinter Orchestra
Nadia Ackerman – Vocals
Clifford Carter – Piano
Steve Holley – Drums
Jon Ossman – Bass
Harvey Jones – Synthesizer
Noah Hoffeld – Cello
Rob Friedman – Guitar
Anthea White – Backing Vocals
MICHAEL KEITH – Vents Magazine

New York based Nadia Ackerman just released her second CD entitled The Ocean Master in 2012. During my initial research of the artist one line from a recent interview caught my eye: “I am a singer/songwriter and an artist. I create things in my head both visually and aurally. I did not choose this, it chose me. There is nothing else in life that I want to do. There has never been anything else in life that I have wanted to do. There has never been or will be a plan B.” I like the mindset.

So as I listened to her latest release entitled The Ocean Master it dawned on me that good music is a by product of a good artistic perspective. In other words if the artist has the proper perspective typically good music is the by-product. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the opening 3 tracks “Sometimes Things do go Wrong” , “Live Again” and “Risk it All”. They made quite the first impression with me. To be honest: I expected cheesy Singer Songwriter Pop cut from the same cloth as say Pink or Katy Perry. Not that there’s anything wrong with Pink or Perry but I want to hear something new. What I discovered was actually quite the opposite of the status quo. The whole CD is full of what I would call creative acoustical energy with lyrics and subject matter that dare explore unknown variables in life. Ackerman’s’ music appeals to so many different senses on so many different levels. It’s cut from the same cloth as The Civil Wars, The Head and The Heart, Ingrid Michelson.

​I can also hear the slight Folk-Sadcore influence in there as well like a modern-day Janis Ian, Lorena McKennett, Sara McLaughlin or Alannah Myles. What I really like about Ackerman is there is no attempt to deliver what I call over the top pop. Cheezy music with a pretty face via top flight sampling, cookie cutter songwriting via a mix that sounds more like a commercial than a piece of music. None of that here. The music sort of slithers across the ears – it will either suck you in or turn you away. If it turns you away perhaps you don’t have the personality type for it. Perhaps fans of Flashy Pop may not like Ackerman but let’s face it – many want something new and real. Weather it’s musically, lyrically, inspirationally, emotionally, spiritually – if you feel like music is taking us in the wrong direction than rest assured Nadia Ackerman is taking us back in the right direction with “The Ocean Master”

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