Kasim Sulton's Utopia – $40 / $50

Kasim Sulton's Utopia – $40 / $50

Kasim Sulton's Utopia – $40 / $50

02/03 8:00 PM - $40.00 / $50.00

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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kasim Sulton will be honoring his longtime association with the ground breaking progressive rock band Utopia and their legacy by performing a show consisting entirely of Utopia music with a full band.  The set list will be comprised of songs hand-picked by Sulton, spanning the 10 albums he appears on, including deep cuts as well as many more familiar songs.

“My career began with Utopia, says Sulton. “I can’t think of a better way to honor my work with Todd, Roger, and Willie than to do a handful of shows that celebrate the special and unique music we created together.”

Utopia was initially formed in 1973 with somewhat of a fluid membership, and by mid-1976 settled into a stable quartet of Todd Rundgren (guitar, vocals), Kasim Sulton (bass, vocals), Roger Powell (keyboards, vocals), and Willie Wilcox (drums, vocals).  All four band members wrote, sang, produced, and even engineered material for the band.  Sulton wrote and sang lead on Utopia‘s biggest hit, “Set Me Free,” from their best-selling album Adventures in Utopia (1980), which peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Top 40 charts in the U.S.

Kasim Sulton – Bass and vocals
Jesse Gress – Guitar and vocals
Wade Preston – Piano and vocals
Christopher Clark – Synth and vocals
Andy Ascolese – Drums and vocals

About Kasim Sulton:
Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kasim Sulton is recognized and respected the world over as a solo artist, and for his work with other artists including Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Richie Sambora, Patti Smith, Patty Smyth, Mick Jagger, Blue Oyster Cult, and Don Felder to name just a few.  He has added his esteemed input to a variety of projects, ranging from playing bass, keyboards, and/or guitar, to adding vocal harmonies, singing lead, and contributing as a songwriter, to producing entire albums, as he did with the Meat Loaf VH-1 Storytellers CD, released in 1999.

His latest solo album, 3, was released in October 2014 and the lead single “Clocks All Stopped” features Todd Rundgren on guitar and background vocals, and Utopia keyboardist Roger Powell on the organ for a sound that is eerily reminiscent of the band’s late ’70s sound.  “I was determined to write a song for this record that paid tribute to the band that started my professional career, Sulton wrote in the album’s liner notes.  “The music was the easy part.  I never had a problem coming up with a few chord changes reminiscent of Utopia.”  “Clocks All Stopped” was a project over two years in the making, with Sulton working​ collaboratively with British songwriter Phil Thornalley before inviting his Utopia bandmates to contribute to the single.  There are also two cover songs on 3:  “Too Much (On Her Mind)” by Bill Spooner, and the Gershwin Brothers‘ “Someone to Watch Over Me.”  “While I’n not a musicologist, I do appreciate classics like this one,” Sulton said of the latter track.  “I wrote [Adventures in Utopia‘s] ‘Love Alone’ while thinking of that golden era of songwriting.  So whenever I heard this song, I always thought how great it would be to do a version myself.”  Another highlight on the 11-track album is the closing song, “Fade Away.”  The rich single tells a timeless story of “mistakes made, damage done and the feeling that the relationship is all but over — but then, by some divine intervention you get a second last chance,” Sulton shared.  The multi-talented artist plays guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, organ, and other instruments, and exhibits some of these talents on the song “God of Low” – on which he is the sole musician.

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