MGP 21 Tradewinds – 21 World Jazz Bands 21 Improvised Compositions – $25

MGP 21 Tradewinds – 21 World Jazz Bands 21 Improvised Compositions – $25

MGP 21 Tradewinds – 21 World Jazz Bands 21 Improvised Compositions – $25

04/29 9:00 PM & 10:30pm - $25.00

MGP 21 Tradewinds – 21 World Jazz Bands 21 Improvised Compositions

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Trade Winds presented by Matt Geraghty.


Trade Winds is a series of improvised music collaborations that travel along historic, global trade routes, exploring the history and evolution of music.

The project aims to reveal the cultural and musical footprint that was made by the transatlantic trade route, while creating a new model for music making in our globalized society — unlocking the power of a united collective of musicians from around the world.

Geraghty leads the sessions on bass with Brazilian saxophonist/Trade Winds co-producer Zé Luis, and then joined by local premier instrumentalists and vocalists in coastal cities, exposing top talent to an international audience.

On April 29th, Trade Winds creator Matt Geraghty will launch a kick off concert at the Iridium as part of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to accomplish the next phase of their journey to Havana, Cuba.

Cuba will be the 3rd album and 3rd season of the Trade Winds web series that thus far has chronicled improvised collaborations in New York, New Orleans and San Juan, Puerto Rico. To date, 100 musicians have collaborated in these unique sessions.

The rules are the musicians are not allowed to speak about the music. They just play.

On stage at the Iridium, there will be 21 brand new bands created with over 30 musicians from 20 countries presenting 21 improvised compositions on the spot. This is the fourth time Trade Winds has been invited back to the Iridium and this concert will showcase a who’s who of the NYC world music and jazz scene.

Matt and his team plan to continue their travels along the coastal cities of the triangle trade route, from the Caribbean to the East Coast of Brazil and finally to West Africa filming and recording collaborations with local musicians, sharing their story and revealing common roots of rhythm and musical language. “This project is the first of its kind, breaking down creative barriers locally and globally building a bridge between world-class musicians via improvised music collaborations,” Geraghty said. “We are creating a blank canvas for artists to be free and create compelling original work in the moment.”

Followed by documentary filmmaker Laura Newman, Geraghty creates 21 improvised sessions in each region and release video highlights in a web series for the public to be able to follow in real time.

Check it out new compositions and updates: to explore the Trade Winds videos from NYC, New Orleans & San Juan.

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