Hazmat Modine – $25

Hazmat Modine – $25

Hazmat Modine – $25

10/29 8:30 PM - $25.00

Hazmat Modine 

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“…HAZMAT MODINE manages to pull of the extraordinary feat of sounding at once familiar and at the same time unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Their sound is joyously eclectic and comes across with extraordinary wit, style and verve. It’s clearly steeped in American roots, but not enslaved by them, and encompasses a broad range of source material that provides an unusual amount of depth and nuance.” – Blues in London.com Rick Webb 

“To say this group is hot is like saying the summer scenery in Vancouver is tolerable.” – Vancouver Folk Music Fest 

“If you want to be faithful to the music forms that made American music great, you have to be faithful to what made it great, not to the music forms themselves. American music is, by its essence, music that comes out of the melting pot of cultures banging up against each other. HAZMAT MODINE is made from lost sounds and instruments and the cultural miscegenation that reflect the origins of the American musical soul” – WADE SCHUMAN, Founder / leader Hazmat Modine 

HAZMAT MODINE plays the kind of Blues one might have found in a barrelhouse in New Orleans had the city been inhabited by gypsies who performed with Otis Redding and the city had been built on the Black Sea. The band is driven by harmonicas, accordion, tuba, drums, guitars, and a full horn section. Guests play such exotic instruments as the Romanian cimbalom, the banjitar, and the Claviola. Front man Wade Schuman has the appropriately throaty voice of someone who has both hopped freight trains and collaborated with the Throat Singers of Tuva. For the past eight years, the band has been touring in over 35 countries worldwide. They have collaborated/performed with a vast range of artists including Bombino, Kronos Quartet, Cat Empire, the Gangbe Brass band from Benin, and Natalie Merchant. The title track from their first CD BAHAMUT was recently used in the 3D film Pina by Wim Wenders, and currently in a performance by Pina Bausch and the Stuttgart Ballet. Their second CD Cicada was awarded the Charles Cross award in France for best blues album of the Year, and topped number one on the World Music Charts in Europe. 

HAZMAT MODINE has been touring internationally at such venues such as the Berlin Jazz Festival, Pori and Tempari Festivals in Finland, Stockholm Jazz festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Sinnes Festival in Portugal, Womex in Spain, Wings Festival in Moscow, The Vienna Jazz Festival, Killkenny Arts Festival in Ireland, Genting Highlands Festival in Malaysia, The Borneo Jazz festival, Trowbridge Festival in the UK, Chicago World Music Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival and Vancouver folk festival amongst many otheres. The band plays regularly in New York City at venues such as Le Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub and recently at The City Winery for the New York Gypsy Festival and in Brooklyn for the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Series. 

In 2011 HAZMAT modine’s 2nd CD Cicada won the coveted Charles Cros Grand Prize in France and was number one on the world music charts in Europe for two months. In 2008 the band was nominated for the BBC Radio 3 World music award, and was number 3 on the world music charts in Europe. The band’s music has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, and the band has appeared live on PRI’s The World, NPR’s Soundcheck with John Schaefer, and on Mountain Stage. and on numerous other radio shows including Fresh Air, All Things Considered, and Morning Edition. The Song Bahamut is currently featured in Wim Wenders film “Pina”. The CD “Cicada” includes collaborations with the Gangbe Brass Band from Benin, Kronos Quartet, and Natalie Merchant. 

Hazmat Modine explores the road not taken, simultaneously conjuring up the familiar, the otherworldly, and the invisible space between. And yet the defining theme of Hazmat is their accessibility as a celebratory band, not a cerebral one. 

(“Hazmat” is a portmanteau of “hazardous material” and “Modine” is the name of a company that manufactures commercial heaters but may be used to refer to the heater itself.)

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