Rhonda Ross – $35 General Admission / $60 Preferred Seating

Rhonda Ross – $35 General Admission / $60 Preferred Seating

03/22 8:30 PM - $35 - $60.00

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$35 General Admission / $60 Preferred Seating

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Rhonda Ross – Lead Vocal
Terry Burrus – Piano
Levon Fulmore – Bass
Mike Greaves – Drums
Darryl Yokley-Saxophone 
Duane Eubanks –Trumpet
Keesha Gumbs – BGVs
Sheniquan Trotman – BGVs        
Terelle Tipton – BGVs

“If you want to understand electricity, get yourself a seat anywhere Rhonda Ross performs!” – NightLife Exchange

International singer-songwriter, Rhonda Ross, is an artist/activist who explores questions of race, gender, sexuality and spirituality through her art. Her original music lives in the gap between jazz, funk and gospel while her lyrics walk the path between life’s biggest questions and her answers. From racism, sexism and homophobia to the need for self-love and spirituality, Rhonda uses her music to examine the society she lives in and through all of it, asks “In the midst of THIS, how can I still be free?” Rhonda’s music flows straight from her essence and her bright spirit uplifts everyone in the room.

For more information on Rhonda Ross go to:
Website – TheRhondaRoss.com
Facebook - TheRhondaRoss
Twitter – @TheRhondaRoss

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