Ike Willis Project and Micki Free

  • Event Date: 05 - Oct - 2017
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  • Time:8pm
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Ike-Willis-Project480Ike Willis

Ike Willis (b. November 14, 1955) is an American singer and guitarist who was a regular sideman for Frank Zappa, first joining Zappa’s band for the fall 1978 tour and remaining in the band for several years.

Ike did not tour with Zappa in 1981 and 1982 for personal reasons, but returned to touring with Zappa for his final two tours in 1984 (which Zappa intended at the time to be his final tour) and 1988. 

Ike currently tours with several Frank Zappa tribute bands including ZAPPATiKA, Ossi Duri, Project/Object, Pojama People and Ugly Radio Rebellion. He’s also performed several times with the The Muffin Men, and with the Italian band Elio e le Storie Tese.

Additionally, he has appeared multiple times at the annual Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. 

Ike is most recognized for his involvement in Zappa records such as playing Joe in Joe’s Garage, providing vocals on Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is, and The Man from Utopia, and as the title character and narrator in Zappa’s off-Broadway-styled conceptual musical Thing-Fish.



Micki-FreeMicky Free

Besides being a Prince Protégé’,  Grammy Award winning multi-platinum guitarist for Shalamar, and part of the dynamic duo Beauvoir/Free in Crowns of Thorns, Micki has release 3 incredible blues records which is where his true passion has always been, including a 3 song EP with Bill Wyman including a DVD with Micki and Bill at Hard Rock Calling.

Free was a member of the R&B super group Shalamar who spawned countless top ten hits, including the “Dancing In The Sheets” from Footloose, and “Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills”, for Beverly Hills Cop II.

Micki Free co-star of the Dave Chapelle show Charlie Murphy’s true Hollywood story skit!… Fondly referred to as “Micki Free is not a girl”

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