Lovin’ Spoonful 50th Anniversary (Three Original Members Steve Boone, Joe Butler & Jerry Yester)

  • Event Date: 05 - Mar - 2016
  • Price:$50 / $60
  • Time:8pm
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In early 1965, with the British Invasion in full swing, two rockers from Long Island, Joe Butler and Steve Boone, teamed up with two folkies from Greenwich Village, John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky and created a band that made folk rock history. Combining the best of folk and rock and roll, with a touch of jug band thrown into the mix, the group created an historic sound that became known as “GoodTime Music”. 

Together, The Lovin’ Spoonful produced some of the most iconic songs of the 60’s folk rock revival. Recording 8 top selling albums, they ruled the radio as “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Daydream,” “You Didn’t Have to be So Nice,” “Nashville Cats, Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind”, “Rain On The Roof” and the ultimate anthem for a hot July evening, “Summer in the City” all became Top 10 hits.”They toured almost constantly and were one of the first rock bands to perform on college campuses, as well as for concert loving teenage fans. 

In 1967 Jerry Yester, long time friend and founder of the Modern Folk Quartet replaced Zal left the band to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Jerry Yester. The Spoonful recorded their fourth album, the very ambitious Everything Playing. It was the first attempt for a rock band to record an album on the new Ampex 16 track tape recorder, and yielded hits “Darlin’ Be Home Soon,” “Six 0-Clock” and “She’s Still A MysteryTo Me”. 

In June 1968 after John left to go solo and Joe, Steve and Jerry went back into the studio to record what would be their next hit single of the 1960’s, “Never Gain’ Back”. As 1969 approached the skies were darkening in GoodTime Music land and, sensing change, the three remaining members went their separate ways with a promise not to let the spark go out. 

In 1991 original members Butler and Boone decided to bring the group back. They contacted Yester and started touring anew, visiting thousands of cities worldwide and reaching out to a whole new audience. March of 2000 marked a milestone for the band when The Lovin’ Spoonful was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and soon after the group was inducted into the VocalGroup Hall Fame, establishing for all time their place in the pantheon of rock and roll history. 

Today, Butler and Boone and Yester, with drummer Mike Arturi and guitarist Phil Smith, are again bringing “GoodTime” Music to audiences world wide. The current show is a fun-filled trip back to the carefree days of AM radio, giving fans the signature feel good sound that they come to hear. As one fan put it, “Wow ! I felt 40 years younger for those 75 minutes. They put ‘the magic in the music and the music in me’.”

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