From The Jeff Beck Band guitarist Nicolas Meier

  • Event Date: 15 - Jun - 2017
  • Price:$25
  • Time:8:30pm
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After touring the world extensively as a member of The Jeff Beck Group, Nicolas Meier is a gentleman who is quickly making the transition from a name that few recognize to “a man who needs no introduction!” In less than two decades of being a professional musician, he has been involved in more than twenty albums encompassing a host of different styles and genres, from jazz to heavy metal, from fusion to classical. Without question, Nicolas Meier is one of the most capable, inventive voices on his instrument in the world, today. Meier performed and recorded with musicians such as Jeff Beck, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Haslip, Gilad Atzmon, John Etheridge, Pete Oxley, Gabrielle Ducomble, Lizzie Ball, Dwiki Dharmawan among many others.

Nicolas’ new album “Infinity” featuring Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Haslip will be out in October 2016 on Steve Vai’s label: Favored Nations.

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