Paul Reed Smith Band and Special Guests

  • Event Date: 09 - Feb - 2017
  • Tickets:Canceled

We’re sorry to inform you that Paul Reed Smith’s show is being postponed due to the Winter Advisory Storm headed our way. We are working on rescheduling the show for a future date.

Hi, we are The Paul Reed Smith Band and we’re glad you found us. Rooted in Annapolis, we carry our music as far as sound can reach. We’ve traveled all over the world, including our favorite venues in Germany, Italy and Japan, to spread love through good music. The heart of our music can best be described as Chesapeake Gumbo, true to our roots with a heart of funky rock. We are anchored by the world-famous Grainger Brothers in our rhythm section, Michael Ault & Bill Nelson on guitars, Mia Samone on killer vocals, and Paul Reed Smith on guitar. Come on out to a show and see what we do best.


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