Soft Machine 50th Anniversary USA Tour 2018

  • Event Date: 12 - Oct - 2018
  • Price:$30
  • Time:8pm & 10pm
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Soft Machine Iridium NYCSOFT MACHINE

THEO TRAVIS sax, flute, Fender Rhodes piano
ROY BABBINGTON bass guitar

Soft Machine is one of the pioneering British Psychedelic/Jazz groups and arguably the most influential band to emerge from the Canterbury Scene of the late 1960s. Instrumental in the birth of both Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock, Soft Machine blade a trail few were proficient enough to follow. Featuring the talents of John Etheridge on guitar, John Marshall on drums, Theo Travis on saxophones and Roy Babbington on bass, this show features material from throughout the band’s long and exhaustive career and their brand new studio album “Hidden Detail” to be released worldwide in June 2018.

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