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Front and Center presents: Jack Garrett

Jack Garratt

The thump of heady bass drop pulses throughout the Iridium, as swaying audience and recording cameras watch attentively.  On the stage is up and coming trip-hop/indie-pop artist Jack Garratt.  It is his debut in the iconic Iridium, and he is the feature presentation for Public Television’s Front and Center.  The camera crew and production team have been setting up the perfect stage for Garratt to blow everyone away on, and he does not disappoint.  Jack is a one-man band, alternating between synth-drums, electric guitar and keyboard.

“Get ready to feel awkward.”  Jack warns his amused audience.  Then he becomes completely absorbed into his craft, his vocal raw and rough and alive.  His lyrics are deep and introspective about life, love, and death.  They are profound and almost reverent, dark yet upbeat at the same time. They are the lyrics of a man looking for absolution and answers.  Garrett maintains that these lyrics come within and reflect his own musings and experiences, which also reflect that of other twenty-somethings coming to terms with the truths of life.

Jack himself claims to write about his own obsessions and insecurities, hinting the themes to be almost occult and sacrificial. He has cultivated the holy grail of pop; a mix of electric beats and existential lyrics.  He cites Craig David and Justin Timberlake as his inspirations for music, proven with his indie pop and trip-hop blends.  The music itself is catchy and smooth, a perfect dance track playlist for any rave or club. 

“I bet we’re all feeling awkward now, I know I am”.  Jack scratches the back of his head sheepishly and then launches into dad jokes.  His connection with his crowd is casual, his millennial attitude relatable to them.  He is all dry wit and self-deprecating humor, a huge contrast to the man possessed by rhythm that he is when performing.  This attitude and style keeps his performance unique and very refreshing, entirely his own.  Garratt is not afraid to be himself in front of the cameras or his onlookers; he owns the stage with his offbeat charm and captivating music. Garrett is the epitome of what it takes to become a pop sensation, it’s no wonder he is already signed to Interscope Records. 

 Despite his half-hearted warnings of awkwardness, no such thing is palpable.  Jack Garratt brings the stage to life and keeps it so as he belts out in between his dancing and conversations with the audience.  He is the new face of pop music to come; it’s not long before he’s at the top of the charts.

By Megan Dovico a.k.a. Dove at the Club

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