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Iridium Gets a Lovin’ Spoonful

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By Megan Dovico a.k.a Dove at the Club

Iridium is all about the vibe, and the vibe of the night’s show is easygoing and fun.  Legendary folk-rock band Lovin’ Spoonful have come to serenade us with their proverbial “feel-good” music.  The Lovin’ Spoonful is a name that is spanned across the decades, accredited as being the first rock band to touch down in Greenwich Village in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.  On top of such, they are also pioneers of America’s folk-rock genre, as one of the first to crossbreed the sounds.  Most people are privy to a Spoonful song whether they know it or not, anything from “Summer in the City” to their country rock hit “Nashville Cats”.  The Lovin’ Spoonful come onto the stage, all smiles and open arms.  The audience hoots and cheers their entrance

“Why thank you and hello Iridium, how’re we doin’ tonight?”

As they take to the stage and begin there is a feeling that comes from hearing them play.  As mentioned earlier, the Spoonful fathered folk-rock and “feel-good folk”, and feel-good is not an exaggeration.  The feeling evoked from the music is a nostalgic and free one, a genre from a more wholesome time.  The aura that washes through the crowd is peaceful and relaxed, the audience is at ease.  By the time “Daydream” is being performed, they are whistling along to the chorus line.   

“What a lovely bunch you are!” is said to the audience, and someone answers with “More cowbell!” and laughs are had by all.  The Lovin’ Spoonful are seasoned players who know how to command the stage in the most casual way possible, who take time and care to connect with their fans. 

“We’re gonna do something really different now, we’re gonna take you back in time.” Take us back in time they do, as they begin a medley of popular folk-rock.  Songs such as “Tambourine Man” and “California Dreaming” are hits with the audience who sing along and cheer.  The Lovin’ Spoonful is even kind enough to share with us a new song of theirs called “Freeboy” which has the same quality and fantastic sound of their previous hit songs, proving them to be from a different era of music but also transcendental and innovative enough to stay uniquely their own and fresh.

Even though time has passed and they have grown older, Lovin’ Spoonful still remains talented and well practiced as when they began, no easy feat even for a truly dedicated musician.  The guys are in a league of their own as pioneers and innovators, the last stand of truly amazing folk-rock.  A lot of musicians and genres have them to thank for the sound they have today, and we are glad to pay homage to these icons of rock here at Iridium. 

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