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Liv Warfield makes her Iridium debut

Liv Warfield Iridium NYC

There is excited clamor amongst the patrons of the Iridium as 7:30p.m approaches, as they eagerly await Liv Warfield and her band.   Liv herself is in the process of releasing a new album that is to be recorded in both New York and London with a symphony accompaniment, and at the peak of such a prosperous time it is no wonder the air in Iridium feels electrified. The anticipation is palpable. At 7:30 the band filters onto the stage and the audience applauds tamely, attention now directed to the stage.

 The opening notes from the pianist have an immediate effect on the ambiance of the room, as gentle but purposeful chords are struck.  The room becomes quieter, until Liv Warfield enters stage left.  Once again there is a rise in volume as a more enthused and wild applause takes place, and Liv Warfield smiles radiantly and takes her place seated center stage. 

“How y’all doing?”  She makes sure to greet her listeners and then she gets directly to the point: the music.  The teal lighting of the Iridium stage illuminates Liv and her talented band, the color as vivacious and energetic as they are.  Liv’s vocals are no less than pure excellence; she is an example of the perfect balance between power and control, one would expect no less from the protégé of the esteemed Prince. Ms. Warfield seems to transform the room as she shifts from one song to the next.  Her set list is as diverse and unique as her impassioned and effortless singing is, from her own hit “Soul Lifted” to an innovative and awe inspiring cover of “Gimme Shelter”.   Liv is a jack of musical genre trade; it is all so artfully and tastefully executed.

“I’m still the same L-I-V, but a couple of things have changed.  I’m here to celebrate them.” says Liv, addressing the audience who cheers back in response. 

 Her style leaves one nostalgic for the days of rock and roll, heart laden with the sexy temptation of soul, and body pulsing and thrumming as she dances her way across stage.  Her presence is charismatic and undeniable, she is able to tell a story and still effectively engage in her audience.  Liv is amongst giants of soul and blues. She will no doubt be world renowned herself one day, rather than just in the footsteps of the greats.

It is easy for many lesser musicians to drown in the presence of Ms. Warfield, but her backing band is the perfect complement to her own command of the limelight.  They are all incredibly in tune to the wants of their audience, knowing how to ease them into playful banter and then pull them into a crescendo of intense music and heavy vocals.

“We’re going off the vibe.”  More fitting words couldn’t have been spoken in the legendary Iridium; “It’s the vibe” after all. 


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