Andy Timmons Band

July 23-24



Andy Timmons Band



Appearing July 23-24

“ear X-tacy” Revisited!!!  25th Anniversary Tour

When Ibanez displays their instruments at music industry trade shows they prominently feature the world’s greatest guitar heros:  Vai, Satriani, Gilbert, and Andy Timmons.

Timmons sparked his own guitar revolution scoring two top 10 videos on Mtv with his band Danger Danger, selling over a million records, and touring the world opening for Kiss and Alice Cooper. A handful of critically acclaimed solo albums followed soon after as well as a long association as guitarist and music director for Olivia Newton-John. Often referred to as “The King Of Tone,” Timmons scored another global success in 2011with his emotive interpretation of The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album entirely arranged for guitar. Never one to sit still, Timmons also recorded four albums with world renowned drummer Simon Philips (Toto, The Who, Jeff Beck) and played them live across much of the world.

Now Andy Timmons Band returns to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of their debut album, “ear X-tacy”.  ATB has shared much phenomenal music over the years, but 2018 marks an occasion to remember the foundation of the band’s music with a special celebration of the release of their first album “ear X-tacy”.