Claudia Hoyser

June 25



Claudia Hoyser


Emerging modern country artist Claudia Hoyser is picking up steam and quickly capturing hearts in the U.S., as well as the U.K., with her organic, swaggery, and sultry sound. Claudia just released her new summer-party anthem “Drinkin’ with the Boys,” and is already feeling the love from listeners. Her last single, “What Kinda Man,” just peaked out at 58 on the Music Row Country Breakout Charts. In addition to Claudia’s building radio success – she has been rapidly growing her online presence with her weekly live video versions of country covers and averaging 500,000 views per week. She has already had over 10 million views on her Facebook videos since January! Her most recent video, posted on 5/14/18 has already reached 4 Million views. Claudia is on the road visiting both small towns and big cities and also finishing up her first full-length album, Red Light’s Turning Green.