Frank Vignola Band featuring Jimmy Bruno

February 18



Frank Vignola Band featuring Jimmy Bruno

Jimmy Bruno and Frank Vignola were brought together about 25 years ago by the legendary jazz record producer and original owner of Concord Records, Carl Jefferson. They only recorded one album together with the great Howard Alden, titled the Concord Jazz Guitar Collective. This trio toured a bit after the release as well and all three went on to have wonderful careers as soloists and as accompanists for many legendary jazz and pop icons.

After both Jimmy and Frank battled serious life-threatening issues in the year 2017, they re-connected to support each other during the rough times, spending hours on the phone making each other laugh, keeping each other positive, discussing music, chord changes, etc… Jimmy and Frank are both so thrilled to be back. They have emerged with their first duo recording, “Hangin’ with Jimmy and Frank”. As Jimmy puts it, “I have a new love for playing guitar”. It sure is evident in this duo setting, which is Jimmy’s first recording in over 10 years.